Kotieläintarvike Ako Offset Tape Insulator M6, 10pcs

Osta heti
Ako Offset Tape Insulator M6, 10pcs . Offset insulator protects the posts from being chewed and keeps the animals away from the fence. The support screw is 20cm long. The insulator can hold poly wire, rope up to Ø 6 mm and tape up to 40mm. Galvanised support Ø 6 mm. Thread is M6 and length is 10cm. 2 nuts included. Pack size: 10pcs AKO - Electric fence expert! AKO is not just a brand. Ako has more than 70 years of development expertise in fence accessories and electric fence devises. All Ako fence device are made in Germany. AKO has been part of the Kerbl Group since 2000. Find out more! https://www.ako-agrar.com/ Note! If the product is not in stock, then the delivery time for the product as an order product is only 7-14 working days.