Kurre Shimano Yasei Pike 8'6'' 120-270g

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Yasei Pike Casting 260 Extreme If you are planning to fish the biggest of baits around and to chase those monster pikes on huge lakes or rivers, the Yasei Pike Casting 260 Extreme will be your best friend. Being able to cast up to 270 grams, it can handle huge swimbaits and softbaits. With a length of 260cm, you will be able to cast great distances. To make fishing comfortable with these kind of lures, the rod butt is often secured in the armpit and the rod is being held in front of the reel. Therefore, this rod had a longer butt section and a larger front grip. Just like the Yasei Pike Casting 230XXH, this rod is also equipped with a palming reel seat. This is all done in order to make the fishing with big XXL lures as comfortable as it can get. Kuljetuspituus: m. 133 cm Vavan toiminta: MF - Moderate Fast Commercial Item Length: 2.60 m Vavan pituus m.: 2.60 m Vaparenkaan materiaali: Alconite Vaparenkaiden määrä: 11 Vaparengas merkki: Fuji Heittopaino EU: 120-270 g Commerical Blank Material Name: HPC100+Nano Rod Packing Material: Velvet Bag Takakahvan materiaali: EVA Front Grip Material: EVA Vavan osien määrä: 2 Vaparenkaan jalan materiaali: Stainless Steel K-Type Kelan kiinnike: Shimano Custom Casting/Spinning or Fuji PTSS Palm Casting Middle grip Material: EVA Water Type: Freshwater