Kotieläintarvike Ako Rope PremiumLine 6.5mm/200m

Osta heti
Ako Rope PremiumLine 6.5mm/200m . High quality electrically conductive fence rope for long fences. Rope thickness is 6.5mm and length 200m. Color: white/green. Resistance: 0.10 ohms/m. Conductors: stainless steel 6 x 0.20mm and tinned copper 3 x 0.25mm. Stable stainless steel conductors for ensure a long service life. Thick tin-plated copper conductors mean that conductivity is 40 times higher than that achieved by traditional conductor materials. Break load 400kg. 5-year UV warranty. Recommended fencing length up to 20km. We generally recommend the use of stainless steel accessories. AKO - Electric fence expert! AKO is not just a brand. Ako has more than 70 years of development expertise in fence accessories and electric fence devises. All Ako fence device are made in Germany. AKO has been part of the Kerbl Group since 2000. Find out more! https://www.ako-agrar.com/ Note! If the product is not in stock, then the delivery time for the product as an order product is only 7-14 working days.