Leather Heaven Brake Pad Fa-R Series Sintered Metal

Osta heti
ORGANIC/KEVLAR® BRAKE PADS Made with DuPont® Kevlar® Provide excellent stopping power without noise and rotor galling Fingertip control and strong, predictable brake response DOUBLE-H SINTERED METAL BRAKE PADS Feature the HH friction rating the highest in the industry Provide maximum brake effect and last twice as long as organic pads "EP" EXTREME PRO BRAKE PADS The latest in sintered metal brake pad fusion technology Has the highest friction rating possible 0,6 for strong, fade-free stopping power Pad blend includes molybdenum metal and tungsten additives to enhance friction performance for the life of the pad No lead, iron or steel additives; no more rotor outline etching or rotor stiction Super-fast bed-in, full friction after 10 to 15 race stop uses Great heat cycle ability; pads cool after the race and perform just as strong the next race day "TT" SPORT CARBON BRAKE PADS Carbon graphite pads blended with Kevlar® for leisure/sport use Low price point Lowest heat generation Best for fast, dry riding; not for mud, water or sand "MXS" RACE SINTERED BRAKE PADS High-performance pads perfect for racers Diamond-ground surface finish speeds up bed-in Constructed of U.S.-made sintered bronze for longest lifetime "R" LONG-LIFE SINTERED BRAKE PADS The perfect pads for leisure use Offer maximum durability and excellent braking performance Constructed of U.S.-made sintered bronze for longest lifetime Best for riding in water, mud, dust or sand "X" BRAKE PADS Carbon graphite formula is less aggressive to rotors and runs cooler than sintered metal pads Great for larger and heavier Enduro motorcycles and dual purpose bikes "SFA" ORGANIC SCOOTER BRAKE PADS Premium-quality organic pads built specifically for lighter weight motorcycles and scooters Long life span and good initial brake response at a low price point V SEMI-SINTERED BRAKE PADS All-new semi-sintered construction containing 30% copper by weight within an organic matrix This design combines the long life of a sintered pad with the great feel and lack of rotor damage common with sintered pads Can be used to replace Kevlar or sintered metal compound pads GPFA BRAKE PADS For racetrack use ONLY Extreme grip pad compound pads designed for use on race bikes with slick tires and the latest high-performance brake calipers Fade-free stopping power with fingertip control NOTE: PART #s listed in application chart are Organic/Kevlar® brake pads or standard brake shoes (unless noted). See cross reference charts for all available brake pad types. NOTE: Most part numbers are TüV/ABE; see footnote 8 in application chart for specific numbers.