Kotieläintarvike Working by Dyon Reins Rubber 1/2" (13mm) X-Full

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Working by Dyon Reins Rubber 1/2" (13mm) X-Full . Dyon's high quality rubber reins with cream-coloured thread and stainless steel buckles. • 1/2” (13mm) rubber reins (nylon inside) • Leather martingale stoppers • Cream-coloured stitching and stainless steel buckles • Buffalo leather Colour: Black and Nut, cream-coloured stitching and stainless steel buckles Size: X-Full (Over) Basic Working by Dyon The hallmark of this collection is its beauty: Working by Dyon items are finished with cream-coloured thread (except dressage bridles are finished with leather coloured thread) and stainless steel buckles. Working by Dyon Collection is made of buffalo leather for sturdiness and strength. Buffalo leather is produced by vegetable tanning. The Working by Dy’on collection focuses on the basics, offering classic models for each sport: jumping, dressage and leisure riding. Working by Dyon collection is functional, combining Dy’on quality and lower cost. As its name indicates, this collection is designed mainly for daily work. Dy’on Buffalo Leather The leather in the Dyon Basic collections is buffalo leather produced by vegetable tanning in one of the best tanneries of Kanpur. Water buffalo leather is vegetable tanned with traditional methods and the leather dyed with natural pigments. Water buffalo hide is thicker and has a more pronounced grain than cow hide in the Dyon Premium Collections. Please note that this vegetable-tanned leather must be nourished and regularly take care with quality leather care products to maintain its appearance and physical properties: beauty and resistance. Respect for the environment and work well done have been the founding principles of our values for the past thirty years. Deliverytime Delivery time for products in stock is approximately 1-7 business days. You can see our product stock status in the online store after selecting the desired product size or color. If the product you have selected is not immediately in stock, then Dyon’s products have longer delivery time than our online store -software announces. NOTE! Before ordering products, please read our DELIVERY TERM S and carefully section 4. Delivery times . Dy’on Makes the Difference Dyon is a Belgian brand that offers very high quality and beautiful leather equipment, rugs and clothing for equestrian sports. Dyon's products are constantly evolving to improve comfort and ergonomics. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important values for Dyon. You can order all Dy’on’s products from us. Find out more at www.dyon.be