Kotieläintarvike FinnCow Phosphorus paste for Cows 4x370g

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FinnCow Phosphorus paste for Cows 4x370g . Phosphorus paste is a supplementary feed for phosphorus deficient cows. Paste is recommended for use in cows that tend to lie down after calving, regardless of supplementary calcium intake, or in cows that you suspect are phosphorus deficient. The amount of phosphorus in phosphorus paste is 28 grams per tube. The pack contains 4x370g of phosphorus paste. Dosage instructions: Phosphorus paste is also recommended for use after calcium administration by a veterinarian. Please note that the cow must have a normal swallowing reflex. Instructions for use: 1. Insert the tube into the dispensing tube. 2. Cut off the tip of the tube and screw the plastic extension firmly into place. 3. Hold the corner of the animal's mouth with your free hand. 4. Place the tube into the mouth, over the tongue and down the pharynx, so that the handle of the syringe is in line with the incisors. 5. Pump the tube empty as the animal swallows*. 6. Wash the syringe after use. *Only to be given to animals with a normal swallowing reflex. Footless cow! Is it a phosphorus deficiency? Phosphorus levels in cows' grass feed can vary widely, ranging up to 20-25% from normal due to changing summer weather conditions, among other factors. Phosphorus intake may also be deficient due to reduced phosphorus use in fertilisation of grassland. Phosphorus deficiency causes a number of problems in cattle. Cows that do not respond to oral or intravenous calcium after calving may suffer from phosphorus deficiency. In dairy cows, phosphorus deficiency also manifests itself in various joint and cartilage problems, such as joint swelling and stiff movements. If the above problems are common in a herd, attention should be paid to the phosphorus fertilisation of fields and the choice of mineral feeds. Composition: Sodium dihydrogen phosphate 30 %. Propylene glycol 12,4 %. Glycerol 12,4 % Water 44,6 % Additives: xanthan gum (E 415) 0,6 % Nutrient composition: Phosphorus 7,7 % Sodium 5,7 One tube contains 28g phosphorus. Packaging: 4x370g Manufacturer: FinnCow