Kotieläintarvike Kerbl Claw Clipper for Sheeps

Osta heti
Kerbl Claw Clipper for Sheeps . The claw clippers are made of durable metal, which is painted green. Length 26cm. High quality blades. Kerbl - German quality! Kerbl is a German third-generation family business that has been operating since 1984 and offers an exceptionally wide range of constantly new and evolving products and accessories for farm animals, domestic animals, horses and pets. Kerbl also has its own brands that are aimed at a specific target or product group, such as e.g. Ako pasture accessories, Technobase veterinary products, Covalliero horse accessories, etc. Kerbl is known for its very reliable quality, where the price-quality ratio is really in place, we recommend! Find out more at www.kerbl.com. Note! If the product is not in stock, then the delivery time of the product as an order product is only 7-14 working days.