Kotieläintarvike Aesculap Blade Set Premium 31/23 teeth

Osta heti
Aesculap Blade Set Premium 31/23 teeth . The shearing blade set is suitable for udder or especially fine shearing of cattle and dairy cows, and for the fine shearing of horses. Cutting length 2-4mm. Optimised blade geometry with hollowed grinding. Improved grinding capacity and increased material service life for long periods of use. Upper blade 23 teeth and lower blade 31 teeth. Suitable for clippers Constanta, FarmClipper, Heiniger, Aesculap and Lister-Liscop. Made in Germany. Made by Aesculap. Aesculap - The success story Aesculap's product range of clippers and accessories has expanded over the decades. Aesculap has won awards from independent institutes and has high quality standards for both private users and professionals. Their strategic collaboration with Albert Kerbl GmbH is a milestone in Aesculap's development. Find out more! https://www.aesculap-clippers.com/en.html Note! If the product is not in stock, then the delivery time of the product as an order product is only 7-14 working days.