Kotieläintarvike VDL Adaptor Socket 20mm x 1/2" F

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VDL Adaptor Socket 20mm x 1/2" F . Adaptor socket dimensions (see dimensional drawing): d1: -mm, d2: 20mm, d3: 1/2" Female, Z: -mm, B: -mm, C: 16mm, D: 15mm, S: 32mm and PN10. Type A. Material: PVC-U. Adhesive PVC pipe parts PVC-U is a polyvinylchloride without plasticizers that is extremely suitable for very wide applications such as chemical installations, portable water applications, food and beverage industry, sanitary and swimming pool technology and irrigation. The main advantages of PVC-U are excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, easy installation, durability and low maintenance. PVC-U has very good properties in a temperature range of 0°C to 60°C. The chemical resistance of PVC-U depends on the conditions of use and must be assessed for each situation. Made in Holland.