St. Paul's Sound Neumann V 402 mikrofonietuaste

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Neumann V402 mikrofonietuaste (2998,00) - State-of-the-art 2-kanavainen mikrofonietuaste - DI-sisääntuloilla ja korkealuokkaisella sekä tehokkaalla kuulokevahvistimella - Erinomainen valinta esimerkiksi Neumann-mikrofonien etuasteeksi Ominaisuuksia: - Täysin läpinäkyvä ja luonnollinen ääni ilman ei-toivottua väritystä - 2 x XLR mikrofonisisääntulo - 2 x Hi-Z instrumenttisisääntuloa (6,3 mm TS) - 2 x XLR balansoitu linjaulostulo - 20 dB Pad-kytkin - Monitorimiksaus kanavakohtaisella tasonsäädöllä - Stereo kuulokeulostulo tehokkaalla vahvistimella (6,3 mm TRS) - Kytkettävä ylipäästösuodin ja Phantom-virta - LED huippumittari - 2U räkkikorkeus - Valmistettu käsin Saksassa The V 402 is a state-of-the art dual channel microphone preamplifier with an integrated studio grade headphone amplifier. Its transformerless circuitry is designed for maximum transparency and sonic purity. The V 402 is thus the perfect complement to all Neumann microphones in order to unveil the true character of voices and instruments. The Perfect Match The V 402 is Neumann’s first-ever stand-alone microphone preamp, although the company has created several generations of top-quality preamp modules for its mixing consoles, such as the now legendary V 476 B of the 1980s. Technology, of course, has moved on. Yet the fundamental question remains: What would be the perfect preamp for Neumann and other high-quality studio microphones? All Neumann microphones, classics as well as current models, have highly unique sound characteristics. The V 402 preamplifier is thus designed to preserve the integrity of the microphone’s sound image. At any gain setting, it neither adds or detracts. Perfection cannot be perfected! Natural Splendor The Neumann V 402 is designed for the highest degree of linearity and sonic purity. It amplifies the microphone signal without unwanted coloration or sonic artifacts such as noise and distortion. These days, even inexpensive preamps claim to be “linear” and “neutral”, but they often lack finesse and sonic detail; the output signal appears “dull” and “grey”, especially at higher gain settings. It took an elaborate development process with extensive series of measurements and critical listening tests to create a preamplifier worthy of the Neumann name. The V 402 retains the original signal in full detail, letting its true colors shine. The DI inputs, too, are designed for sonic purity and will capture the sound of electric guitars and bass guitars as well as other instruments without coloration or loss of detail. Sophisticated circuitry and a very high input impedance ensure a brilliant sound with no audible noise. A switchable 20 dB pad allows the V 402 to be used with high level sources up to 28 dBu without distortion. The high pass function is carefully designed to remove pops and rumble without signal degradation. For easy monitoring the V 402 is equipped with a studio grade headphone amplifier ensuring superb monitoring quality at the recording stage. Independent volume controls for each channel allow you to dial in a latency-free monitoring mix without affecting the recorded signal.